Robbie Chosen makes impression in first call up

The seven year veteran wide receiver was called up from the practice squad on Sunday and made his Dolphins debut showing fans the good and the bad.

Robbie Chosen Makes Dolphins Debut
Robbie Chosen Makes Dolphins Debut / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

I’m 51 years old and have been a Dolphins fan for as long as I can remember. So it’s safe to say I have around 45 years of experience cheering for this franchise. Does that make me an expert? Certainly not, but it does mean I’ve seen a thing or two. 

The low-hanging fruit here is to talk about not ever seeing 70 points scored before, 10 touchdowns or 350+ yards rushing, and 350+ yards receiving in the same game. There are a thousand things we can talk about from the Dolphins' amazing performance last Sunday against the Broncos. What I want to talk about though is what I saw on one play, by one particular player that really stood out.

At the 8:39 mark of the first quarter when the game was still only 7-0 in favor of the Dolphins, Raheem Mostert took a short pass (basically a handoff) from Tua Tagovailoa around the left end. Robbie Chosen was the receiver to that side and was tasked with sealing the edge against the slot corner in hopes of giving Mostert the corner and a one-on-one with a safety. Chosen whiffs on his block. Ok, no big deal, not all receivers are good blockers. Chosen gets a second attempt to block the same corner, this time in hopes of pushing him outside in an effort to give Raheem a cut-back lane. Again, Chosen misses the block. Great design, terrible execution. I can live with that and hope that he can get coached up.

It’s what happens next that becomes the point of this article. Three Broncos, including the player Chosen, whiffed on twice and converged on Mostert to make the tackle. Before the Broncos defenders can get Mostert to the ground, Robbie Chosen has already turned his back to the play and is already two steps back toward the huddle. 

This kind of effort is unacceptable. This is now what this team epitomizes. Mike McDaniel and his staff have done an amazing job coaching players to play to the whistle, flock to the ball, and retrace their steps on defense. What if Bradley Chubb gave Robbie Chosen-type effort against the Patriots? Does he make the game-changing forced fumble from behind on the receiver? Of course, he doesn’t. If I’m Christian Wilkins, I’m having a word with Robbie Chosen after seeing this play on film. Wilkins is a monster when it comes to hustle plays down the field from behind the play. What happens on that play if Mostert fumbles? Chosen isn’t getting it, again, he’s already making his way back to the huddle. 

Robbie Chosen didn’t make the original 53-man roster and didn’t make any of the 53-man rosters of the other 31 NFL teams. Chosen had an opportunity last Sunday to really make a case for staying off the practice squad, especially considering it’s looking like River Cracraft may miss some time due to a shoulder injury. The type of effort Chosen showed in that play doesn’t make a strong case. I know, I know, Chosen also caught a 68-yard touchdown pass though.

Great, kudos to him. Very nice play by him and quarterback Mike White, but those are the plays that any receiver wants to make. It’s the dirty work like blocking and giving full effort on every play that presents you with a spot on this roster. Tyreek Hill is in the conversation for the best receiver in the league and I can show you clip after clip of Hill sealing the edge with a block of a defensive end or linebacker. I can show you clips of him leading other receivers down the field in hopes to make a block so his teammate can take it the distance (see Jaylen Waddle vs. Green Bay last year). Tyreek is great, but what puts the exclamation point on his greatness is effort work ethic, and willingness to do the non-flashy things as well.

Be better Robbie Chosen. This team is different from the past 45+ I’ve watched. If you want to stick around for what has the potential to be a magical season, be better!