Seahawks troll the Miami Dolphins with great photo ahead of the schedule release

Seattle wasted no time on schedule release day to troll Miami and its other opponents
Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears
Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins social media team better up their game because other teams are running circles around them. This time, it's the Seattle Seahawks. The Dolphins will be taking on the Seahawks in 2024, but their social media team already posted an early win - they took the time to envision their opponents as villains, and Miami's is brilliant!

Seattle indeed got the Miami one right, and frankly, no one can take offense to it. They are indeed laser-focused, and Seattle even nailed the Publix sandwich. Seattle calls the caricature "Dr. Blowhole." While Miami's is great, they also got their dig on the New York Jets. A giant green monster named "Turf Monster." A perfect name for a team that deals with constant injuries from their controversial turf at MetLife Stadium.

The Seahawks handed Miami an offseason loss on social media

This is the kind of banter that NFL fans love to see. It would have been better had it correlated with dates from the actual schedule. Last year, the Titans blew up social media when they asked random people off the street which teams each of their opponents' logos represented.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins are pretty tame in terms of their social media presence. They are great at posting pictures and videos of practices, but they don't typically engage in back and forth banter from other social media teams around the league.

The Seahawks may have won this round against the Dolphins, but Miami should be able to handle their team when they travel west to face them this fall. Seattle wasn't bad last season, but coaching changes and personnel could make the team more of a rebuild than a contender in 2024.

The Publix sandwich, though, is just icing on the cake and a solid dig from them. Revenge will be served sweetest on the gridiron. Get ready, Seattle. Miami will be ready to silence you.