Shhhhh have you noticed one of the Miami Dolphins best players???

With the Miami Dolphins front office on point through week 3, we have so many talented players on this team and hats off to Grier and the front office for making it happen and sticking to the plan. Today let's talk about one of the Miami Dolphins best players that no one is talking about.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

If you guessed Robert Hunt you are seeing the success from all fronts on his play. The second-round pick is looking the part and bringing a nasty edge on the OL. Lots of talk has been around the other OL play but Hunt is a huge reason why our team is playing at a high level.

Hunt has a good frame and great ability to open up holes for the running game and giving Tua time is a big reason for early season success. Hunt, slowly worked his way into the top 10 talks as one of the league's best guards according to PFF. With the running attack slowly becoming a force in the league Miami has used Hunt's durability, blocks, and success on the field to take this team to a new level.

Next game take a look at what he does in space and the second level to seal off blocks and open holes for our running attack. Hunt is not only good with the run but is giving Tua the time needs to hit the number on the pass. Aiming for elite talent Hunt will be seeking a contract extension and this may come as a challenge with other big names also in line as well.

Hunt is overshowed and on an extremely talented Miami Dolphins team.

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