Should Jason Sanders get a pass or is this a problem the Miami Dolphins have to deal with?

The Miami Dolphins won on Sunday in California but it was Jason Sanders who made the dramatic finish a lot more streesful than he maybe needed to be.
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Jason Sanders had a good game in the Miami Dolphins victory against the Chargers but he also nearly gave the game away late on another missed attempt.

Earlier in the game, Sanders made two FGs that were critical to the Dolphins victory. His attempts and subsequent makes, kept Miami in the game. Kept it close enough to allow the Dolphins offense to take lead after exchanged lead.

On the day, Sanders made his kicks and his extra points but one mistake could have cost the Dolphins the game. In that vein, should Miami Dolphins fans let it go or is this a much bigger issue that the team is facing?

The set up? Miami took the lead over the Chargers with under two minutes to go in the game. An extra point gives Miami a three point lead making the Chargers score a TD to win and a FG to tie. Instead, Sanders missed the extra point and gave the Chargers the opportunity to win on a simple field goal.

For the first time in almost the whole game, the Dolphins defense took control on the Chargers final drive and the end result was a win for Miami without the worry of L.A. attempting a game winning field goal.

Sanders has been a good player for Miami but he can also be unpredictable. In year's past, his misses haven't truly hurt the Dolphins and against the Chargers it didn't hurt Miami either. Still, is this a problem the Dolphins will need be concerned about?

Sanders' contract becomes more friendly for the Dolphins after this season and it will be interesting to see what happens. For now, Sanders should get a pass as once again, there was no harm in the end. Still, it should be something that is at least a 1% concern.

Truth be told, who cares right now, the Dolphins won because the defense stepped up when they were needed, the offense stepped up the entire game, and Sanders made the other important extra points and FG attempts.