Shutout! Miami Dolphins offense an absolute disaster at the half in Germany

The Miami Dolphins are doing their best to make the Kansas City Chiefs look like the Super Bowl champions they are. Defensively, they tried but the offense is atrocious.
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Alex Grimm/GettyImages

Mike McDaniel might show off a little swagger to the press corp but through two quarters in Germany, McDaniel's offense looks like the Arizona Cardinals.

Miami has yet to convert a third down, they have zero points, have turned the ball over, can't run the ball, and frankly, they can't do anything right.

The Dolphins haven't come close to sniffing the end zone and it makes you wonder why anyone would want to get up early to watch this display.

Miami is down 21-0 at the half thanks to a fumble by Tyreek Hill that was run back for a quick touchdown on the only Miami offensive drive that actually moved to the Chiefs 30-yard line. With the Dolphins moving the ball, McDaniel opted for the WR screen to Hill who got hit immediately.

While the Dolphins offense has been atrocious, the Dolphins' defense gave up a quick opening drive TD then shut down the KC offense for three consecutive possessions before finally breaking to give up a late 2nd quarter TD.

With the offense clearly unable to generate yards, the Dolphins defense has spent a lot of time on the field and naturally, that wears a unit down.

K.C. is playing a perfect defensive game but the Dolphins are not making plays and McDaniel has no answer for the Chiefs who have one sack on the day.

McDaniel has a lot of work to do in the 2nd half but clearly, this game is now the Chiefs to lose and they do not look close to giving up that lead. They are playing smash-mouth football with physical hits and excellent coverage. Miami? They are going through the motions offensively and no one is stepping up to take control.

One thing is for certain, the notion that the Chiefs would be jet-lagged after leaving for Germany on Friday is a false narrative. If anything, the Dolphins look hungover on German beer...they have been there since Tuesday.