Stefon Diggs blockbuster trade could impact the Miami Dolphins draft in round one

Bills receiver Stephon Diggs  finds extra yards after one of his five catches.
Bills receiver Stephon Diggs finds extra yards after one of his five catches. / Jamie Germano / USA TODAY NETWORK

The AFC East is getting rocked by a long-rumored trade that sees one Dolphins rival weakened on paper.

Stefon Diggs is being traded to the Houston Texans per multiple reports, that first came from Adam Schefter. The star WR for Buffalo has been a pain in their tushes since arriving. He often butted heads with teammates including QB Josh Allen.

Earlier this week, Diggs commented on a social media post that said Josh Allen needed Diggs to be great. Diggs agreed and apparently, that was the final straw for the Bills.

With Diggs gone, the Bills will almost certainly target a WR in this year's rich WR draft. Buffalo will select just after the Dolphins who also may be looking for a WR so this could have a big impact on the Dolphins as the Bills may try and jump Miami.

The Bills earlier this offseason lost Gabe Davis in free agency and WR is now a priority for the Dolphins division rivals. The Bills have never shied away from trading up to get who they want. While this year's draft class is deep at WR, there are three standouts that could be taken around pick 21.

Buffalo could sit back and look at Xavier Worthy as an option. Worthy is expected to be a 2nd day draft pick but the Bills may be pressed to add the speedster before he is off the board early in round two.

The Bills could also try and move up from the 28th spot in the draft. If that happens, they may try and jump Miami at 21. It would be costly but they will have draft capital to work with after the trade.

The Bills will net an extra 2nd round pick in the deal. Yes, that is correct, the Bills are getting a 2nd round draft pick in 2025, not 2024, for one of the best WRs in the game, or at least one that used to be.

The Texans will get a lot stronger but Diggs can be a locker room cancer so it will be interesting to see.

For Dolphins fans, the Bills are weaker on offense but they will have a stronger atmosphere without Diggs creating problems. Buffalo restructured Diggs and this move will now cost the Bills $31 million in dead money. That's how bad they wanted him out.

Stefon Diggs blockbuster trade to Houston Texans breaks down like this.

  • The Texans will get Diggs and a 2024 6th round pick as well as a 2025 5th round pick per reports. The Bills will get a 2025 2nd round pick.

UPDATE: There is speculation that the Bills will only pay Diggs $3 million.

With the trade going through now, it will be interesting to see how this changes the Draft.

The Dolphins will still face Diggs this season as the Texans will host Miami in 2024.