The 3 keys to a Miami Dolphins victory over the visiting Las Vegas Raiders

The Miami Dolphins have a great chance to get to 7-3 and these sneaky keys will help them.
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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Robert Spillane, Marcus Epps, Malik Reed, Luke Masterson, Jakorian Bennett, Tyler Hall
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The Miami Dolphins need to absorb the Raider's first punch.

I fully expect the Raiders to come out and try to punch the Miami Dolphins right in the mouth. I would if I were them. The last time we saw the Dolphins we saw their offense get put in a box by a very physical Chiefs' defense. I expect an effort like that out of the Raiders at least for a quarter or so.

We know about Max Crosby and the havoc they can cause but a player that I really hope Mike McDaniel is fully respecting is Robert Spillane. This guy is playing some of the best middle-backers in the league and surprisingly ranks 8th in the league in INTs. Yes, this guy knows how to read eyes and get to his drops with anticipation. Tua needs to know that although he might be baiting Spillane into moving somewhere he shouldn't, Spillane might be doing the same thing back.

Defensively, Vic Fangio and his defense better be ready for a heavy dose of Josh Jacobs. Jacobs ranks #1 in the league in rushing attempts with 186. It doesn't matter if Jacobs is averaging only 3.3 yards per run. He's going to be given every opportunity to batter the Dolphin's front seven.

The Raiders are going to look go up early in Sunday's game. I realize that's a bit obvious so I want to add to that. I think the Raiders are in one of those spots being on the road against an offense like Miami has to try a big trick play early in the game to swing the momentum. I'm just saying, that Fangio needs to be ready for that.