The 3 keys to a Miami Dolphins victory over the visiting Las Vegas Raiders

The Miami Dolphins have a great chance to get to 7-3 and these sneaky keys will help them.
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Kader Kohou, Wan'Dale Robinson
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The Dolphins need to focus on technique.

The Miami Dolphins are big favorites this week. I know I already mentioned that but the reason I am mentioning it again is that technique is something that can be taken for granted against a big underdog in the middle of the season.

I'm hoping and I expect that when the team comes back to practice after their bye week the coaches focused a bit on the fundamentals maybe even more than usual. It's the little attention to detail to the things these guys have been doing since they were 10 years old that can help thwart a team like the Raiders who are seemingly playing with nothing to lose.

This means the secondary players have to sink their hips at the right moments, the linemen have to pull tight to the line and I'm not going to go through each position and rattle off a technique that needs to be crisp. Let's just go with that all the techniques that these professionals work on need to be on point.

The music of the week comes from Blackmill and the song is called Spirit of Life. Sure it's a little Earthy but it's a solid motivating song that has a ton of good stuff going for it.

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