The 4 best Miami Dolphins players not getting the respect they deserve in 2024

Whether they have names that everyone recognizes or names only a few have heard of, these Miami Dolphins players are not getting the respect they deserve.
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The Miami Dolphins are in a position to win their next three games and it will take a team effort but there are five players that are quietly having a great season individually.

It has been clear from the start that this year was going to be potentially special. Tyreek Hill is having a season like no other and is hearing his name mentioned in MVP talks, just like Tua Tagovailoa. On defense, Jalen Ramsey's return has been nothing short of spectacular, and even Xavien Howard has benefited.

Still, there are players that probably could use apologies from the fans, or me if I am being completely honest.

The first player that comes to mind this season is Bradley Chubb. Clearly, Chubb wasn't a fit in the Josh Boyer defense last year and as Vic Fangio continued to coach the players up in his scheme, Chubb's familiarity with it has changed the path many thought he was on.

Chubb is having a fantastic year and in every game he is no longer reading and reacting to the plays but instead, dictating their outcome. Chubb is playing at a Pro Bowl level this year.

He has six sacks on the season and 47 tackles. Last year he made the Pro Bowl but we all know that was by name only. This year, he is making a strong case to return.