The 4 best Miami Dolphins players not getting the respect they deserve in 2024

Whether they have names that everyone recognizes or names only a few have heard of, these Miami Dolphins players are not getting the respect they deserve.

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Any self-respecting Miami Dolphins fan would be remiss not to include Austin Jackson on this list, but honestly, he isn't on it.

Austin Jackson's 2023 season has to be the absolute biggest shock of the year. His play is nearly perfect but we are not going to just credit Jackson on this one, the entire offensive line is playing far better than anyone but apparently, Chris Grier expected.

This credit goes to offensive line coach Butch Barry who frankly is not getting enough credit for what he has done.

Consider what Barry has had to deal with this year.

Terron Armstead goes down. Isaiah Wynn goes down. Connor Williams goes down. Robert Hunt gets hurt. Lester Cotton, Robert Jones, and Kendall Lamm have to start, Liam Eichenberg plays guard and center, and it keeps going.

Despite all of this, Tua has been sacked less than any player in the league and the Dolphins rushing attack is 2nd in the AFC and the league. When you really sit back and digest that, it is absolutely crazy and very few fans would have thought this year would have turned out this way.

For all the darts thrown at Chris Grier over the offensive line, and there has been plenty, it seems that coaching was a big part of the problem.