The 4 players that will dictate whether the Miami Dolphins win or lose on Sunday and why Andrew Van Ginkel is key

The Miami Dolphins have the talent to beat the Buffalo Bills on Sunday and five players stand out as being the deciding factor in all of it. Andrew Van Ginkel could be the most important on Sunday.

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
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With Sunday's week four already underway with the conclusion of Thursday night football, the days are coming to a close and Sunday's 1:00 pm kick-off for the Dolphins is getting closer.

There is no way to hide this game. It's a big, albeit early, divisional contest that has everyone talking and wondering why the NFL decided to keep this marquee match at 1:00 instead of a Monday Night Football match-up or Sunday night prime game.

Yes, it has all the early pre-game thrills to be fantastic.

For the Miami Dolphins, victory is possible and many expect it. The Dolphins entered the week 2.5 point underdogs against the Bills despite the offensive output so far this year and the 3-0 record. If the Dolphins are going to win this Sunday, these five players are going to be the keys to that win.

Andrew Van Ginkel has been playing like a Pro Bowl linebacker. He is everywhere and his ability to line up at multiple positions as a LB has increased his playing time and Vic Fangio's defensive disguises.

On Sunday, no one may be as important because Van Ginkel will once again be tasked with filling the void left by Jaelan Phillips who will be out on Sunday.

With Phillips out, Van Ginkely will have to set the edge. He did that well enough against the Patriots but the Bills are a tougher offensive team to get through.

Van Ginkel is a big key to the success of the defense because if he can impact the pocket and force the Bills into quicker throws as well as setting the edge to keep the Bills running game inside the tackles, the Dolphins defense will have a better time forcing Allen into making turnovers.