The 4 players that will dictate whether the Miami Dolphins win or lose on Sunday and why Andrew Van Ginkel is key

The Miami Dolphins have the talent to beat the Buffalo Bills on Sunday and five players stand out as being the deciding factor in all of it. Andrew Van Ginkel could be the most important on Sunday.

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Threw three games, Austin Jackson has played very well. Enough so that there is talk among some fans that think maybe he should be retained next year. This week is his real test.

Miami's offense is special and the design and scheme gives the offensive linemen opportunities to play a certain way. For Jackson, it is working so far this season. Disguised looks within even the running game has allowed the Dolphins offense to explode and it has to continue this week.

Jackson needs to stay diligent in his efforts and control the right side of the line, Tua's blindside. If he can do that, Tua will be able to drop back, set, and make his reads. Against the Bills, it won't be that easy.

Whether it is Greg Rousseau off the edge or Leonard Floyd, Jackson has to play this with physicality. Unlike week one when he faced Joey Bosa, the Bills are more physical than athletic and that is where Jackson can get beat. He has to keep his feet and allow the defenders to take themselves out of the play.

For Jackson, it's reaction and consistency without pre-snap penalties. So far, he has been great. This is his next big test.