The 4 players that will dictate whether the Miami Dolphins win or lose on Sunday and why Andrew Van Ginkel is key

The Miami Dolphins have the talent to beat the Buffalo Bills on Sunday and five players stand out as being the deciding factor in all of it. Andrew Van Ginkel could be the most important on Sunday.

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No player on this team can win this game by themselves and naturally, we expect Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, and even Xavien Howard to have big games but Jason Sanders has to have the best.

Sanders continues to be inconsistent. Last week, he made all of his extra points but there were many fans who wondered if one reason Miami didn't go for the record 73 was because of the embarrassment that might come with a Sanders miss.

No, that wasn't the reason but Sanders can't afford to be erratic on Sunday. A missed extra point could be costly enough to lose a game or at the very least not win it. Defending the Bills is hard enough for any defense and keeping pace is a challenge for any offense but doing so with missed opportunities is hard to overcome.

When Sanders is called on, he has to make the kick and that especially goes for any kicks outside the 50. So far this year, Sanders has attempted one kick outside of 50 yards and missed it. Between the 40 and 49 yard attempts, Sanders is two of three.

If he misses a kick on Sunday, it could mean the difference from an outright win or leaving enough room for the Bills to tie late in the game. It is crucial for Sanders to put points on the board.