The 5 Miami Dolphins defensive players you will hear a lot about in 2023

The Miami Dolphins have made some nice off-season moves on defense but in 2023, five players stand out as players you will hear a lot about.

Jun 6, 2023; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey (5) looks on while
Jun 6, 2023; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey (5) looks on while / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins fans know the names Jalen Ramsey and Bradley Chubb. They know Christian Wilkins and Jaelan Phillips. We expect those players to stand out but the question is who else will?

The Dolphins can compete with Ramsey, Chubb, Willkins, Sieler, Phillips, Howard, and Holland but they can't win it all with just those names. They need more contributions from so many others. This year, they have a good shot at getting it thanks to Vic Fangio's defense that is more about the unit as a whole rather than one or two men.

David Long, Jr. - Long is a physically gifted linebacker who fell out of favor with the Titans due to injury. While that may return in 2023, when he his healthy he is as well-rounded as any linebacker the Dolphins have on the roster.

Long is good in pass coverage but his ability to read the run, react to blockers, create space, and make tackles is going to improve the Dolphins defense and it will not be surprising to hear his name called often during games. Keep an eye on his tackle totals this year.

DeShon Elliot - Elliot joins the Dolphins after having played for the Detroit Lions. He, like Long, has a physical attribute to his game that goes beyond simple finesse coverage. Elliot actually likes contact and isn't one of those NFL safety types that rely on strong hits to take down runners or receivers. He will actually use his physicality to wrap and drive ball carriers.

With Brandon Jones returning this year from injury, it will be interesting to see how the two will compete in training camp. Jones himself can be pretty physical as well but Elliiot, at times, is on another level entirely.

Eric Saubert - Saubert is kind of a forgotten man in the off-season moves. The reason is simple, many fans believed that he was the backup plan to a total draft failure. Guess what? Miami's draft as it relates strictly to TEs was pretty much a failure...early on anyways.

Saubert is a poor mans Mike Gesicki. He runs good routes with better speed. He has good hands but they are not elite. He can block and he can hit the seem and read defensive linebackers in coverage. Saubert stands to be the Dolphins top pass-catching TE and could see as much time on the field as Durham Smythe. Don't be surprised if Saubert leads the position in catches and touchdowns.

Isaiah Wynn - The former Patriots offensive lineman hasn't been the first round pick the Patriots thought he would be. In Miami he doesn't have the pressure of living up to the draft slot and he won't be expected to start out of the gate, but he could challenge for that role.

Wynn can play both guard and tackle which gives the Dolphins flexibility. Last season Miami lost Austin Jackson, Terron Armstead, and Liam Eichenberg throughout the year so it stands to reason Wynnn could get his shot at any three of those positions.

In training camp, Wynn could put pressure on the Dolphins to start at left guard in place of Liam Eichenberg or force Miami into moving Robert Hunt outside to tackle or simply put pressure on Jackson. Regardless, Wynn should see considerable opportunities this season and could be the depth player Miami needs.

Chosen Anderson - Anderson is not a lock to make the roster but it could be a big surprise if he does not. Anderson has good hands, better than average speed, and runs crisp routes. In 2023, he could easily become the player Miami had hoped Cedrick Wilson, Jr. would have been in 2022.

First, he has to make the roster but he has shown up for off-season work and has appeared dedicated and ready to prove detractors wrong. For Anderson, making the roster isn't the goal, seeing actual playing time on the field and making an impact is and that is an energy that could put him in position to do just that.