The AFC East may be on the verge of implosion and Miami Dolphins fans are all for it

It is hard to imagine a world where the Miami Dolphins, as an organization is the cream of the AFC East but that very well could become a reality.

Nov 5, 2023; Frankfurt, Germany; Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross reacts against the Kansas City
Nov 5, 2023; Frankfurt, Germany; Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross reacts against the Kansas City / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It really doesn't matter what Miami Dolphins fans think of Stephen Ross as an owner but if you think he is horrible, you should rethink that. The Dolphins are nearly the class of the AFC East.

For almost two decades, Miami Dolphins fans have been laughed at, ridiculed, and teetered on becoming nothing more than complaining Jets fans. The best we could hope for was a victory over a division opponent. Knocking them out of the playoffs, or a playoff seed, or a draft slot. Not anymore.

This upcoming off-season the Miami Dolphins fan base won't endure a horrible onslaught of black eyes, hopefully. There has been too much of that and we endured. Now, the rest of the AFC East may be hitting that wall we Dolphins' fans know all too well.

There is trouble in the AFC East for everyone not named "Miami Dolphins."

I'm not poking fun here. A snicker or two maybe but we have been through it and I know Karma...she is a bitch and we don't need her anywhere around us. Luckily, she seems content to put her attention on the Patriots, Bills, and Jets althought I think she lives in New York.

New England Patriots - Rumors continue to circulate that Robert Kraft wants a far quicker turnaround than he believes Bill Belichick can deliver and that continues to cause rumbles of a divorce after the season. Kraft can't outright "fire" Belichick but a mutual parting could happen. This despite a new contract that was received from Kraft last off-season.

Belichick reportedly wants Don Shula's record badly and if we are being honest, he may need to achieve that by going somewhere else. His schtick isn't working anymore and the "Patriot way" doesn't seem to work outside of Tom Brady.

The Patriots are failing and have been spiraling downward since Brady left. Bill Belichick may be next and we all know that longevity is hard to find in the NFL so a change in coaching could set the Patriots back for a very long time.

Buffalo Bills - The Bills fans are growing more and more uneasy and with the losing comes more and more calls for the head of Sean McDermott and his coaching staff. Could the Bills actually move on from McDermott? It is possible depending on what happens the rest of the season.

The Bills were supposed to be the greatest team in the AFC this year and now they are far behind in the chase for a Wild Card spot. The Bills haven't won anything with McDermott as the HC and the team has been loaded with talent. Will Terry Pagula see the need for a change this off-season?

If the Bills fail to make the playoffs and finish below .500 it very well may happen. The fanbase is starting to get restless and that can't be good news for McDermott.

New York Jets - Karma lives in New York it seems and has since Joe Namath won Super Bowl III. "Going to guarantee a Super Bowl victory? O.k. but for the rest of your franchise's existence, you will deal with me!"

So what is the latest in New York? According to Dianna Russini on social media, the Jets are "Leaning towards Zach Wilson to take over" as they look to make a switch at QB. O.k. that is normal for a team dealing with QB issues. But...according to Russini and Zack Rosenblatt from The Athletic, Wilson is reluctant to take over.

So an NFL QB who was a former starter and played so badly that he was demoted several times, now is reluctant to try and prove himself once again? Not sure about anyone else but it seems to me that QB should be on the street.

The Jets may not make a big change at HC this year because Woody Johnson tends to hold on to coaches at least one year too long but nothing is going right for Robert Saleh and he may get blessed with a pink slip after the season.