The best and worst Miami Dolphins draft picks of General Manager Chris Grier era

Miami Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier waits for his team to come off the field after defeating
Miami Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier waits for his team to come off the field after defeating / JIM RASSOL/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA
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Not all Miami Dolphins fans love Chris Grier but some of the vitriol that continues to make its way to the surface is unwarranted. His drafts? Well they have been good and bad.

Every NFL team misses on draft picks but that doesn't change the fact that some picks are simply big misses. It is understandable to draft the top DE on everyone's board and that player to simply flame out. Miami knows this all too well...Dion Jordan ring a bell?

For Grier, there has been hits and misses like everyone else. It isn't a matter of viewing a draft pick as a miss when you look at who else was on the boards that turned out great. Making a decision is one that every NFL GM or owner has to live with. For Grier, he has his share of both.

Grier took over the Dolphins officially with full control in 2019. Let us not pretend that his status as GM with Mike Tannenbaum was his own doing. We know where final say landed during that time. Since 2019, Grier has made 32 draft picks and of those 32, 24 are still on the roster. That's a pretty good success rate.

While we can't say with certainty whether or not this years class will work out, we have a good idea about the others who have been drafted by Chris Grier and like him or not, he has a pretty good track record.

The Miami Dolphins hit on Jaylen Waddle.

The only question surrounding Jaylen Waddle is whether or not the Dolphins will be able to afford him when his contract is up. Waddle is not only a good football player but the fan base loves him and so does his teammates.

Waddle is everything you want in a receiver. He needs to be more consistent with hands at times but overall, the fact Miami moved around the 2021 draft board early in round one and still getting the guy they wanted is impressive.