The best and worst Miami Dolphins draft picks of General Manager Chris Grier era

Miami Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier waits for his team to come off the field after defeating
Miami Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier waits for his team to come off the field after defeating / JIM RASSOL/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA
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We can scrutinize Chris Grier and his Miami Dolphins draft picks all we want but the truth is the players we mentioned above as misses are still better than many the Dolphins have made in the past.

While that may be true, it is hard to argue or debate the fact Grier completely blew the 2020 first-round selection of Noah Igbinoghene at 30th overall.

To this day fans will tell you the trade with Green Bay that moved Miami to 30 was more about the Saints taking the player Grier wanted before he was on the clock. Whatever the reason, Igbinoghene has always been a player that fans can't wrap their heads around.

The only thing consistent in his three previous seasons is his inconsistency. Can Vic Fangio turn his career around? That is something fans want to see during this year's training camp. If he does, it will be a great thing for the Dolphins and Grier and validate to some degree the decision to take him. For now, he remains the biggest black mark on Grier's draft cards.

We can debate and argue about the best selection in Grier's drafts but none is more important and more scrutinized of course, than Tua Tagovailoa.

Media and fans alike agree that the Dolphins are a Super Bowl contending team if Tua stays healthy but almost universally agree Miami won't be without him. Does that make him a great draft pick or a questionable one?

Everything about Tua screams greatness and the Dolphins have surrounded him with the most talent any QB has had in probably the past 30 years and yes, that includes the later Dan Marino seasons. Many will still debate if Tua was the best draft pick of Chris Grier and until he shows he can stay on the field and win, that will remain a debate but you can't fault Grier for making the selection and while some will tell you he should have taken Justin Herbert, you can't argue with the success Tua has when he is on the field.

The reality of all this remains that Grier has hit far more than he has missed so far in his four seasons controlling the draft and this year's class could be good as well. While we can't fully say that 2019 was a bad draft we can say that it was a good one and each year since has been pretty good as well, even with some players that haven't shown they are great or even good picks just yet.