The best and worst moves made by the Miami Dolphins in 2023

The Miami Dolphins made some moves to make the roster better, some worked, some didn't, and some still make no sense.
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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With the 2023 Miami Dolphins season now in the books we can look back at the season and put away our disappointments. There were many.

When the 2022 season ended, it gave the Dolphins fans hope. Mike McDaniel was a first year head coach and took his team to the playoffs without Tua Tagovailoa playing every game or in the post season.

Fans and the media felt Miami may be only a couple of players away from being contenders for the AFC. Miami made some moves and as we now know, jumping ahead to the present, the moves they made were not enough.

If there is an "imagine if" scenario for the Miami Dolphins, it just might be "Imagine if Jalen Ramsey played the whole season."

Jalen Ramsey is one of those moves that define an off-season. Ramsey was the Dolphins' big off-season move so naturally he had to get injured on the first day of training camp and then miss the first half of the season.

Ramsey quickly made people forget that he was out of the game to start the season. The Dolphins had lost three games before he got back on the field and I would like to think Miami may have won at least one of those games had he been playing.

While hindsight is always 20/20 and "What If's" don't mean a thing, the Dolphins trade for Ramsey was a good one that resonated through the remainder of the year.