The best and worst moves made by the Miami Dolphins in 2023

The Miami Dolphins made some moves to make the roster better, some worked, some didn't, and some still make no sense.
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When the Miami Dolphins finally made a draft pick last April, they landed South Carolina corner, Cam Smith.

Turns out the Dolphins got a special team's contributor instead.

Cam Smith looked ready to develop early in training camp and was able to show off coverage skills in the preseason before an injury took him out. Miami fans were excited to see what he would do this year after being not-so-thrilled with the selection on draft day.

Turns out, they will have to wait until 2024 and may have to wait longer. Smith played only a few snaps defensively all season and was relegated to special teams when he was active. In the playoffs, Smith was inactive and the Dolphins may have wished they kept him on the game day roster.

There isn't much to really judge Smith on. Is he a bust or did he simply end up in Vic Fangio's doghouse and couldn't get out of it? Did Chris Grier make this decision on his own? There should be conversations about his son's teammate who surprisingly was drafted where he was.

Smith's absence on defense was noticeable and became a running joke. The Dolphins continue to have problems getting reps out of their draft pool beyond the first round.