The biggest moves the Miami Dolphins will have to make in 2024 whether they want to or not

As we arrive at the precipice of the 2023 season, the Miami Dolphins will need to also look ahead to the 2024 season and Chris Grier is going to need to make some big moves whether he wants to or not.

Aug 19, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Chris Brooks (33) rushes against the
Aug 19, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Chris Brooks (33) rushes against the / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
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As the sun rises on the 2023 Miami Dolphins season, it will inevitably turn to the 2024 off-season and that is when Chris Grier will need to be at his best.

The Dolphins are on the verge of what could be something fantastic and amazing. A team built for a run not just for a playoff spot but for a potential birth in the Super Bowl. To say that the excitement ahead of this season is through the roof would be an understatement.

Grier better hope that Miami finds success in 2023 or it will make his 2024 off-season even harder and if we are being honest, it's going to be pretty hard as it is.

The Dolphins will have big decisions to make but some players simply won't or shouldn't return and losing them will add more holes to a roster that while top heavy with talent, lack quality depth on both sides of the ball.

Christian Wilkins - Zach Sieler - Raekwon Davis

Enjoy the 2023 season Miami Dolphins fans but one of these three will not be back in 2024 and Grier will have a huge decision to make. Pay Wilkins, which he should, and potentially lose both Sieler and Davis, or pay Sieler and Davis and allow Wilkins to walk.

Like it or not, there isn't much room for all three and the Dolphins have some pretty decent talent developing behind them. Still, the defensive front is really good and this is likely the last year this talent plays together.

Next up, impending free agents, salary cap situations, and extensions are all going to come into play in 2024.