The complete Miami Dolphins roster you need to see to understand their current needs

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Dolphins special teams are not very special and Jason Sanders has a lot to live up to after last season.

The Dolphins do not have any competition for their skilled special teams players and while they can realistically go into camp that way, it isn't smart. Then again, they re-signed Bailey which wasn't smart either.

  • Roster size: 5 for camp, 3 for the season

Current Roster and Starters: Jake Bailey, Jake Ferguson, Jason Sanders

Cornerback: The Dolphins have Kendall Fuller and Jaylen Ramsey penciled in on the outside. Kader Kohou and Nik Needham should be able to handle slot duties and Cam Smith is still relatively unknown. They need more help in the secondary.

  • Roster size: 12 for camp, 7-8 for the season

Current Starters: Ramsey and Fuller

  • Ramsey, Needham, Kohou, Fuller, Smith, Siran Neal, Ethan Bonner, Eiljah Campbell

Safety: Probably the weakest unit on the Dolphins roster. Miami needs to add at least four if not five players just to get through the off-season.

  • Roster size: 6 for camp, 4 for the season.

Current Roster and starters: Jevon Holland, Jordan Poyer