The decision on whether Tyreek Hill will play against the New York Jets is in his hands

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

It's being reported that the individual who will decide if Tyreek Hill will play against the New York Jets will be Tyreek Hill.

Since it is up to Tyreek Hill if he plays or not, I feel quite confident that Tyreek will determine after careful consideration that the best thing for him is that he tries to play.

The Vegas line on whether Tyreek Hill will play or not, if a line for this actually existed, would be around -850 that Tyreek was playing. That's how confident I am that Hill will be out there tomorrow.

As a fan of the Miami Dolphins, I want all the best players the Dolphins to play. If Tyreek Hill says he can play, then I have zero issue with him going out there and giving it a go.

But how come other players on the team such as Jevon Holland don't have the ability to determine if they can play or not? Why is it only Tyreek? Is the answer the obvious one that is simply it's Tyreek Hill and he can pretty much do whatever he wants or is there another reason I can't think of?

I'm a fan of the medical professionals determining if players can go but I guess in this circumstance it's a pain tolerance type of thing. That is what I'm telling myself because I can't recall another time that it was up to the players if they could play or not. I feel like it's happened before.

I suppose the bigger question is what can Tyreek Hill provide at say 70ish%? I think he can add a lot. You still have to respect him running past you because a slightly slower Hill is still faster than most other humans on the planet. He can still do that 20-yard stop where you think he's running past you and then he just hits the breaks and runs an out.

Even with Hill playing, I really hope the Dolphins have contingencies for Hill not being out there. I expect Hill to play but not all the possessions so Mike McDaniel should have been getting schemes developed this week that don't include Tyreek Hill.

We know the weather will probably be a factor so heavy doses of Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson Jr. are what the Dr. should be ordering if the Dr. were ordering football schemes.

It's a must-win game for the Miami Dolphins so they need all the help they can get. I'm sure the game will be quite stressful and nowhere near the easy win it was on Black Friday when the Dolphins rolled the Jets. It's nice to know that we probably will be getting some version of Tyreek Hill out there.

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