The Dolphins will need to jump through a few hoops in their battle against the Eagles

Dolphins (5-1) battling the Eagles (5-1) in Week 7. Some say it is a Super Bowl Preview.
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

We may be turning on the television today and find ourselves seeing wars raging, another fast-food chicken sandwich failing (what were they thinking with the pimento!?!) or we may find ourselves watching the greatest show on surf as the Miami Dolphins face a tough battle in South Philly. Both teams are 5-1, both teams have quarterbacks that played for Bama, and both teams could end up traveling to Vegas to play in the Super Bowl.    


The Patriots beat the Bills 29-25 in their week seven, afternoon matchup, and this is going to be a big help in keeping Miami up at the top of the standings. It will be another fortunate outcome if the Chiefs fail to beat the Chargers. None of that matters though if Miami takes their foot off the gas. They need to come to Philly swinging south-paw style like Rocky while they continue to show the league that their track team is not going to stop showing up on game day.  


The Phins are looking to keep the ball rolling after winning last week. The Eagles, on the other hand, are coming back after their first loss to the Jets...yes, I said the Jets.... Jalen Hurts threw 3 interceptions and Miami could have a defense that can do this as well, but some injuries cause some concerns so Van Ginkel will probably be uncaged to force all the pressure possible so Hurts cannot find Tua’s former teammate in college, DeVonta Smith. 


The Dolphins were finally able to activate running back Jeff Wilson Jr. from IR so he could possibly make his season debut Sunday night against the Eagles. This is a great time since Achane, the rookie sensation, is still out. Wilson Jr. began the season on IR and missed the team's first six games.

The Dolphins have fielded the NFL's top rushing offense at 181.8 yards per game so this could be a fun welcome back party. His style blends perfectly in McDaniel's offense and he will be useful against one of the best rushing defenses in the league. The Eagles are middle of the pack in passing defense though and what do the Phins do great.... stretch that field. Go get ’em Phins!!!!