The final chance for Noah Igbinoghene to make a difference for the Miami Dolphins

Noah Igbinoghene is almost a guarantee to make the Miami Dolphins final 53 man roster if for no other reason than injuries. Still, is this the absolute last chance for the former first round pick?

Jul 26, 2023; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins cornerback Noah Igbinoghene (9) works out
Jul 26, 2023; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins cornerback Noah Igbinoghene (9) works out / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

When Noah Igbinoghene was announced as the Miami Dolphins 3rd first-round selection in the 2020 NFL Draft, most fans groaned because they had no idea who he was. Four years later and fans still don't know who he is.

Well, they know him as the guy drafted over Jonathan Taylor. Igbinoghene has yet to make a huge impact on the Dolphins roster sans a game ending interception against Pittsburgh last October. Now, he faces a critical season that would need a massive turnaround to secure any type of future with the team.

Have the Miami Dolphins given Noah Igbinoghene too much time? This a question many fans believe is answered with a yes.

Igbinoghene continues to grind and through his time with the Dolphins, his teammates have hailed his work ethic and practice habits but it hasn't translated to the field. Igbinoghene talked with the media on Saturday and realizes he has more work to do that includes things out of his control.

Igbo said that he believes he will be "happy" with his development by the end of training camp. Learning under Vic Fangio should have at least some impact on him.

So far in camp, Igbinoghene has been up and down. On Saturday he had an interception. During camp he has been targeted and put in positions to play due to injuries to Jalen Ramsey and others but so far, he is taking the coaching and trying to build off of it. The question is will it be enough?

There were concerns that he wouldn't make the roster in 2023. His salary isn't cost-effective for the Dolphins to release him but his roster spot is valuable. After Ramsey was hurt and another ding to Keion Crossen who carries a $3 million cap relief out if released, it appears that Igbingohene has a shot to earn his roster spot.

Fangio was asked on Friday about Cam Smith and Noah Igbinoghene specifically. His reply didn't leave anyone feeling as though Igbinoghene is where he needs to be.

"“Yeah, I think both of them are making good progress. They’re not where we need them to be just yet, but I think both of them are working hard and giving us good progress and hopefully by game one, one of them or somebody else will surface and take that position.”"

Vic Fangio - Dolphins media

When looking at his media session, it's hard to assertain what exactly the media thinks about him. They asked him about the INT, then followed that up with 3 questions about him running the ball back the other way. Is he that non-important that local beat writers don't know what to ask him? It seems that way if we are being honest but he has a legit shot to make the 53 he just doesn't seem to have a good shot at making it to camp next year.

Igbinoghene will be a free agent following the season and barring an amazing change in 2023 under Fangio, the chances of him returning are pretty slim.