The four Miami Dolphins defensive players that will positively impact Sunday's game

They say that any game of football is won or lost as a team and while that may be true, individuals who excel at their assignments make it easier for everyone else.
Miami Dolphins Training Session
Miami Dolphins Training Session / Alex Grimm/GettyImages
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Bradley Chubb is finally showing off the level of play the Miami Dolphins traded for.

Yeah, a lot of Dolphins fans owe Chubb an apology, this guy as well. Chubb has started to have huge impacts on games and this week, he faces the one team he knows better than anyone not named Tyreek Hill.

Chubb is no stranger to the Chiefs. Facing them twice a year as a member of the Denver Broncos, Chubb knows what a Kansas City offense can do. He is aware of how dangerous Mahomes can be out of the pocket and why containment is so important.

On Sunday, Chubb will not only need to provide edge protection he will need to get pressure on Mahomes often to keep him out of sync with his playmakers. Discipline is key. He will need to keep the sideline clear to keep Isaiah Pacheco from bouncing outside. This means he needs to make quick work to shed the blocks and dictate where the runner goes.

The Chiefs will mix it up and they do like to run delayed WR reverses and that will also test Chubb's patience on the outside.