The four Miami Dolphins defensive players that will positively impact Sunday's game

They say that any game of football is won or lost as a team and while that may be true, individuals who excel at their assignments make it easier for everyone else.
Miami Dolphins Training Session
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The Miami Dolphins are going to need David Long, Jr. more on Sunday than usual.

David Long could very well be one of the most important players on Sunday for the Miami Dolphins' defense. He should be tasked with several jobs. Recognizing and stopping the Chiefs run game, shadowing Mahomes when he leaves the pocket, and putting himself between the K.C. MVP QB and the tight end in passing routes.

Long is going to have a "long" day, no pun intended. He will need to be better than he has all year long and that is asking a lot from a guy that has been playing exceptionally well of late.

Long is one of the more physical players on defense and he will need to play at that level again this week. If Long can step up, the Chiefs are going to find the 5-8 yard cushion a lot harder to hit. Long could force Mahomes and his offense to take deeper shots downfield and if he covers his responsibilities well, guys like Chubb and Jaelan Phillips will make life uncomfortable for Mahomes.