The four Miami Dolphins defensive players that will positively impact Sunday's game

They say that any game of football is won or lost as a team and while that may be true, individuals who excel at their assignments make it easier for everyone else.
Miami Dolphins Training Session
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There are rumors that Jalen Ramsey will be tasked with covering Travis Kelce and frankly, this is a great match-up for the Miami Dolphins.

Travis Kelce is the best offensive weapon the Chiefs have. He can block, he can catch, and he can hit when he needs to. Stopping Kelce is not easy and many teams use a combination of linebacker/safety or CB/safety to cover him makes sense.

However, there are some who believe Jalen Ramsey could be tasked with covering Kelce this weekend. Vic Fangio told the media that it is something they might consider and if Ramsey is put on Kelce, it could make for a very interesting scheme.

Kelce isn't a burner and he doesn't have these great quick-cut moves. His play is mental. He is an intelligent football player who understands defensive schemes and knows where the openings will be. If Ramsey does indeed line up against him, it will make an interesting chess battle on the field.

Ramsey made a big impact last weekend in his first game of the season and now, he will try and continue that success. On Sunday, he will face a WR/TE scheme that does most of its damage after the initial play breaks down.