The four Miami Dolphins defensive players that will positively impact Sunday's game

They say that any game of football is won or lost as a team and while that may be true, individuals who excel at their assignments make it easier for everyone else.
Miami Dolphins Training Session
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When it comes to the secondary, Jevon Holland could be the most important player for the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

Jevon Holland has cleared the concussion protocol and will start on Sunday. Brandon Jones has been ruled out with his own concussion. Holland will provide run support and mid-field coverage, potentially on Travis Kelce.

If the Dolphins shift Ramsey to take away Kelce, Holland will be able to stay over the top and play the gaps where Mahomes likes to throw to when he is under pressure.

At some point, Fangio may move Holland up to try and take away the middle of the field quick throws that Mahomes likes to make, especially on 3rd down.

Holland needs to be the general on the field Sunday. He has the widest vision of the field and making plays is what he does. He has ranked nearly at the top in every metric used for safeties this season and now he will have another big test on his hands.

If the Dolphins expect to win on Sunday, their entire defense will be the reason. Stopping Mahomes is not easy and the Dolphins are getting him coming off a loss. Disciplined football will be the key as well as the play of the four we talked about.