The Miami Dolphins are fast but is there such a thing as too fast for a football team?

Dec 4, 2022; Santa Clara, California, USA; Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) controls
Dec 4, 2022; Santa Clara, California, USA; Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) controls / Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In it's simplest form, the Miami Dolphins offense is simple. It's fast and at some point you have to wonder, is that a good thing, a bad thing, or somewhere in the middle?

Mike McDaniel's offense is simple in one regard. He wants to line up and force defenders to match his players one on one where he knows their speed will leave you grasping at air. If you can't keep up, you better get a scheme that will stop it.

Last year, the Chargers, Texans, and 49ers figured out how to slow it down. So what did the Dolphins do this off-season? They added more speed in De'Von Achane. They added a TE that played WR which means that compared to most other TEs, he is really fast. They added a sneaky quick Braxton Berrios. Miami added more speed. Miami wants you to take that speed away. Slow down their game.

My question is whether or not that is a good thing or not?

On defense there is more speed but there is a balance of in-your-face physical football. On offense I see speed everywhere I look but I don't see the physical toughness. I don't see a bruising short-yardage thumper or a guy that is going to lower his shoulder and make a scrawny corner pay for squaring up on him. I don't see that bruising tailback that is going to put a linebacker on his rear end.

I see so much speed that I wonder how that can be maintained as a scheme and system. Can this be sustainable or is Mike McDaniel smart enough to transition when it is no longer sustainable?

Consider this, and yes, I know that the Dolphins fanbase are not too concerned about three or four years from now. That's kind of my job, look at the future. Right now, I see an effective system but I also see a system that will eventually lose Tyreek Hill and maybe Jaylen Waddle. Maybe Achane doesn't work out the way they hope.

Does McDaniel and Chris Grier start getting players simply because they have speed? A player has to have more than just speed...good hands, great vision at the line, an ability to run routes or even something as simple as understanding a playbook.

I love the speed in Miami and honestly, I love the idea of seeing what McDaniel can do when that speed starts to diminish. I want to see him take the offense in another direction. An innovative direction again. That to me is very exciting. I get to enjoy the now but when I look at the future, I get to see how all of this ebbs and flows.

I don't think the Dolphins are too fast but I would like to see some Yin to the Yang. I want to see that change of pace runner that will obliterate a defender with power and physicality. I want an offensive line that road grades the trenches and struts back to the huddle knowing they can physically beat another team.

Hopefully, Miami will add some more that to the offense because with all the speed they have, a little bit of grit is a good thing.