The Miami Dolphins are signing Bruce Irvin, Justin Houston, and Malik Reed

The Miami Dolphins went shopping at the flea market and came back with some older gems.

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After signing Justin Houston earlier today, the Miami Dolphins decided that they were far from done fielding a roster to play in a playoff game and have also brought in Bruce Irvin and Malik Reed.

I understand that the Miami Dolphins basically having no choice but to fill their depleted edge rushing room with guys that have a combined six games played this year isn't exactly like Capt. America getting backed up by the rest of the dusted Avengers. But, at least the Miami Dolphins aren't just sitting around doing nothing. I half thought they would sign maybe one guy and then elevate practice squad guys who have no experience.

Is the situation ideal. Not in the slightest. Are Houston, Irvin, and Reed well rested? They sure are. I hope they're down for proving to folks that they have a little gas left in the tank in bone-chilling cold and wind on Saturday night.

So the Dolphins will be going with Emmanuel Ogbah, Justin Houston, Bruce Irvin, and Malik Reed to rush Patrick Mahomes. The next-man-up mantra is fine but you don't typically deal with scrounging the past their prime guys bin when you're entering the playoffs but here we are.

I also expect some sets where either Christian Wilkins or Zach Sieler will be on the edge as well. I say that because they did that after Cameron Goode went down on Sunday night.

Needless to say, Vic Fangio has his work cut out for himself with trying to to stop Mahomes and Isaiah Pacheco with a bunch of guys who were at home on the couch.

At the very least, the pressure is all on Kansas City entering the game. Nobody is expecting much out of the Miami Dolphins. Maybe that's how this team can do its most damage when no one is believing they can do much of anytning against the reigning, defending champs.

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