The Miami Dolphins could use a three-high safety look under Anthony Weaver

Three high safety - it’s rarely used in the NFL, but the one team that had the highest percentage of usage was the Baltimore Ravens.  Ironically, Miami's new defensive coordinator, Anthony Weaver, has roots in Baltimore.

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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Three high safety looks are very unique in today's NFL game.  It’s a formation that removes a defensive front and places those assets in the backfield.  Think of it this way, take out a Defensive End or Nose Tackle and replace him with another safety playing center field.

In a normal formation, we have two safeties, free and strong.  There are multiple ways these two can line up or play coverage.  When Mike Nolan was the Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator, Nolan ran a Robber Technique.  Dropping the strong safety (Rashed Jones) into the box and allowing the free safety  (Chris Clemons) to play center field; aka the Robber.  Allowing Clemons to cover the fields by utilizing  his best asset - speed.  This type of backfield is an attack schema. You need an aggressive front and hard press man coverage from the cornerbacks.  If done properly, this leads to turnovers high utilization from your defensive ends, and strong safety.

When Kevin Coyle led the Dolphins' defense he flipped the script and implemented the zebra technique.  Not based on the animal, but rather the letter Z.  Basically, these two high-level safety allow for both safeties to be identical twins.  Cloning each other on opposite sides of the field.   It’s a seamless coverage and build for both sides of the field.   This is a bait-and-see approach.  Allowing the safeties to play interchangeably by not exposing any weak side of the field.  It works great with a cover 3 and Sky zone responsibilities and fortifies as a 4 - 3 presence (4 defensive linemen and 3 linebackers)

I have no idea what type of formation or concept the Miami Dolphins news defensive coordinator will deploy. If he does want to go to a three-high safety do the Dolphins even have the right personnel?  There could be some challenges to this unique formation, and the key to all of this would be Jalen Ramsey.