The Miami Dolphins could use a three-high safety look under Anthony Weaver

Three high safety - it’s rarely used in the NFL, but the one team that had the highest percentage of usage was the Baltimore Ravens.  Ironically, Miami's new defensive coordinator, Anthony Weaver, has roots in Baltimore.

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Before we understand the personnel, let’s first breakdown the formation the Dolphins could use.

There are three levels for deployment:

Level 1 - Safety backfield - FS - Free Safety, JS - Joker Safety, and B- Boundary Safety.  
Level 2 - Linebackers - Strong, Middle and Weak side
Level 3 - Defensive tackles, and a nose tackle
and of course, you have your cornerbacks on each respective boundary.

For this formation to work rather well, you need the following:

Defensive Ends and a Nose Tackle that can control the line of scrimmage. The Dolphins two starting defensive ends are on the injured reserve. Right now, I’m not sure who will be lining up opposite Shaq Barrett. In this case, it could be Zach Sieler.

For Nose Tackle think of Vince Wilfork type of player, a person that eats space. Unfortunately, the Dolphins don’t have such an asset on their current roster. Zach Sieler could be an option or Benito Jones, but then there is a gap at Defensive End.

For your reference the Raven last year used Justin Madubiuke (LE), Michael Pierce (NT) Brent Urban (RE).

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