The Miami Dolphins could use a three-high safety look under Anthony Weaver

Three high safety - it’s rarely used in the NFL, but the one team that had the highest percentage of usage was the Baltimore Ravens.  Ironically, Miami's new defensive coordinator, Anthony Weaver, has roots in Baltimore.

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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How the linebackers could be used by the Dolphins to make it work.

At Linebacker - speed, speed, and more speed. Linebackers that can attack and tackle are key in covering all aspects of the field.

Jordyn Brooks signing makes sense for this type of formation. He’s a fast and fluid linebacker who attacks at the point of contact. David Long and Anthony Walker are solid plug-ins for Safe and Weak Side. Keep an eye on Channing Tindall, as he has the speed for this type of formation.

For reference the Ravens used, Patrick Queen, Roquan Smith, and David Ojabo.

Safeties - Currently the Dolphins have Jevon Holland as their Free Safety, and Jordan Poyer as their Strong-side Safety. For the Joker, I would recommend Jalen Ramsey. The two cornerbacks could be Kendall Fuller and either Kader Kohou, Cam Smith, or Nick Needham.

Allowing Ramsey to play the Joker, is a position that he excels in. Roaming the line of scrimmage he’s the wild card that plays freely based on the pace and read of the game. Attacking the line of scrimmage for an RPO or even playing a spy on QBs with elite speed (Josh Allen, Lamar, etc). Ramsey could be used the same way the Ravens Deployed Kyle Hamilton.