The Miami Dolphins could use a three-high safety look under Anthony Weaver

Three high safety - it’s rarely used in the NFL, but the one team that had the highest percentage of usage was the Baltimore Ravens.  Ironically, Miami's new defensive coordinator, Anthony Weaver, has roots in Baltimore.

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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There are pitfalls for the Dolphins to use this formation.

Let’s not believe there are no concerns with this formation.  We are removing our best player from shadowing an elite wide receiver and putting him into the box.  Secondly, the Dolphins are thin up front, unless they make some drastic changes in the draft or what’s left on the free agency market.  

Taking that into account, and if this formation is deemed important to Anthony Weaver, he would be wise to bring in these veteran free agents:

Kyle Van Noy
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  • Justin Simmons - would take over Ramsey in the Joker role and allow Ramsey to move back to Cornerback.  Fluid Free Safety, on the wrong side of the 30, but can still play meaningful games
  • Kyle Van Noy - bring him back? Why not! Van Noy played well last year under the Ravens' schema and is aware of Anthony Weaver's mentality.  He could be used as a linebacker or even DE.
  • Calais Campbell - Long-time NFL veteran who can hold the line of scrimmage as DE or NT.  From Miami, and who wouldn’t want to end their career in South Florida?  Campbell can play in a situation where this schema is deployed and rotates in and out.

With that being said, the Miami Dolphins would be wise to look at interior help, especially if they want to use this formation.  With Christian Wilkins moving to Las Vegas, the Dolphins haven’t made a free agent splash to replace him, which presents an opportunity to find his replacement in the draft, these two prospects could be available for them in the 1st or 2nd round ironically both from the same university:

T'Vondre Sweat
2023 Big 12 Championship - Oklahoma State v Texas / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
  • 1st round Byron Murphy II - Texas
  • 2nd round T’Vondre Sweat - Texas 

My preference would be Sweat. I like this kid. He’s a beast in the middle and reminds me a lot of Wilkins.  He gets dirty in his technique, meaning a bull in a china shop.  I like his relentless motor and his passion for the game.  Pairing him with Sieler I think would be a perfect fit not only for this scheme but for depth overall. 

The Three Safety look can be deployed for our Miami Dolphins.  It could be a schema that worked as well as cover 0, but there are concerns with the personnel and adopting a new schema that has never been implemented for this squad.   The coaches have some work to do, let’s see what happens with what’s left in free agency and the draft.