The Miami Dolphins don't have players to trade ahead of the NFL deadline

The Miami Dolphins are not in a sell-off mode this season and more likely to be buyers ahead of the NFL trade deadline but if they are looking to sell, there isn't much on the roster to move.
Miami Dolphins quarterback Skylar Thompson (19) celebrates with Miami Dolphins General Manager Chris
Miami Dolphins quarterback Skylar Thompson (19) celebrates with Miami Dolphins General Manager Chris / ANDRES LEIVA/PALM BEACH POST / USA TODAY

No, there isn't some new rumor or speculation going around that implies the Miami Dolphins are looking to dump players. Those rumors are set aside for teams like the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers.

There has been some mild speculation that the Dolphins could look to trade for a linebacker or another offensive lineman but there is also a possibility that Miami could make a move and send a current player to another team.

The problem? They don't have many players that would make sense to move.

Cedrick Wilson, Jr. would be a candidate if the Dolphins wanted to thin the WR unit in an attempt to bolster another part of the roster.

is there any other player on the current Dolphins roster that might hear his name mentioned before the trade deadline? Wilson is hardly used and the fact Miami traded for Chase Claypool may be an indication that they are not 100% sold on Wilson's contributions.

Wilson is, however, well-liked in Miami and the coaches and general manager have a great respect for him. Still, Wilson isn't contributing and he could be moved to a team in need of WR help where he might be utilized more. As a player, I would think Wilson would want a move so he can get more playing time.

Miami would have to eat some of Wilson's salary to facilitate a trade and while we can't say that it will happen or even that it should, we also can't say that it won't.

The Miami Dolphins are stacked in their running back room but one player that still could get traded may not given injuries to the unit.

Salvon Ahmed has played sparingly this year because let's face it, Raheem Mostert, De'Von Achane, and Chris Brooks were killing it. Brooks is now injured, and Achane is on IR, and that gives playing time to Ahmed that he wasn't getting.

Here is the rub though. Ahmed might draw some interest in the market and will be a free agent after the season. The Dolphins could field calls and despite the injuries, they could find an offer worth taking.

The Dolphins are close to getting Jeff Wilson, Jr. back and that could be the catalyst for at least considering Ahmed in a deal. Or for that matter, would the Dolphins consider moving Wilson when he is healthy?

Chances are neither happen but I would expect to hear some rumblings about the Dolphins RB room the closer we get to the deadline and if Wilson is back and Achane continues to trend toward a 4-week return, Miami could pick up a late-round pick potentially, for now, Miami has two healthy running backs and until that changes, Miami isn't going to trade anyone.

Beyond those two and in reality, more Cedrick Wilson than anyone else, there isn't anyone else that stands out without putting the Dolphins in a bad position. Miami isn't going to trade Raekwon Davis because he provides depth behind Zach Sieler and Christian Wilkins.

While Miami has plenty of CBs on the roster, they also tend to use them all and have dealt with quite a few injuries. Mike White isn't an option for a QB needy team as he doesn't make them head-and-shoulders better.

The simplest truth is that the Dolphins have a great football team because they have a roster comprised of players that play specific roles and are not expendable. That's a good problem to have.