The Miami Dolphins had their way with their NFL Schedule release earning themselves an A-

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Did the Miami Dolphins do it again or did the Miami Dolphins do it again? After having a rock-solid free agency and a productive draft, the Dolphins went out and put together a stellar schedule release. The way the organization went out there, lay in the, played a little possum and then when the time was right jumped and struck was a thing of beauty.

The Dolphins went out there and thoroughly took advantage of the schedule makers making what is one of the most irritating days where everyone is getting pieces of the NFL schedule for the last few days like they're getting clues to solve some Bible codes into a lovely evening for Miami.

Yes, you can look at the beginning of their scehdule and say to yourself that it's going to be difficult. Well, I have news for you folks. The Miami Dolphins own the 2nd hardest strength of schedule meaning there is no stretch of the season that's going to be a cakewalk.

Here is the best damn schedule release ̶p̶r̶o̶p̶a̶g̶a̶n̶d̶a̶ informational video that you will see all night.

Miami opens the season with 3 of their first 4 games on the road. I know what you're thinking and I couldn't agree more. Osha must have gotten involved after so many Buffalo Bills fans threatened to go to this branch of the Department of Labor because of that pesky, no way to know what it's going to do therefore you can't prepare for it star in the sky that we call the sun after last year's game in Miami where Buffalo lost to Miami in Miami in September. Congrats Buffalo, you get your way again.

Opening the season in LA, which can possibly be counted as another home game for the Dolphins since nobody knows the Chargers are in Los Angeles is wonderful because we get to see Tua and McDaniel avenge last year's loss when the Chargers put the Dolphins in a vice grip. We'll get to see an epic battle of new coordinators between Kellen Moore and Vic Fangio which promises to deliver high-octane moments.

In week 2, the Dolphins travel to New England to play the Patriots in what will be the Dolphin's first of 5 nationally televised games as long as you have Amazon Prime, Youtube TV, Peacock, Disney Channel, WVIA, SEGA Dreamcast, and Spike. That'll be a fun Sunday night game. They will be retiring Tom Brady's jersey where there will be a 5% chance that Brady rips off his shirt and has a Dolphin's jersey under it like he just joined the NWO.

The rest of the Dolphins prime time games are week 7 at the Philadelphia which is a Sunday night game where we get to see the battle of Alabama QB supremacy, week 9 in Germany against the Chiefs at 9:30 AM, week 12 at the Jets which will be the first ever Black Friday game which is at 3 PM, week 14 at home against the Titans which is a Monday night contest. Personally, I think that's a pretty reasonable amount of primetime games. We've been clamoring for more for years and now we got them.

Miami will be having their bye week in week 10 which is where I'd want it. Right in the middle of the season.

What I love about this schedule is that from week 14 on the Dolphins only go on the road once and that's at Baltimore in week 17. Not that I don't love to see the Dolphins have to travel up north late in the year as late as possible but we saw last year that the Dolphins were a much better home team so having that many home games to close out the year is a major plus.

All in all, I'm giving the Miami Dolphins an A- on how they approached and executed their schedule release. You know, not every team gets a grade like this but I think the Dolphins earned it with the amount of grit they put forward.

Honestly, I think it's a schedule the Dolphins can do well with. I really do. The end of the season games which again are at home aren't to bad to me. And let's be real, 30% of the teams that sucked last year do better and and in that 30% teams that were good last year end up dropping off big time. Sure, that could mean the Dolphins but I doubt it.

Now, we're at that point of the season where things will get a bit dormant. Sure rookie mini-camp will take place for Miami tomorrow until Sunday but I wouldn't expect too much to come of that. Not much will happen until around July. Then things really begin.

Hopefully, the team decides to make a few more moves after June 1st of course. Maybe a right tackle, maybe a certain running back from the land of a thousand lakes.

Let's be happy that the Dolphins smashed their schedule release and just enjoy the next few months of pure football harmony that will surely happen.

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