The Miami Dolphins have only one realistic tradable player on their roster ahead of the draft

Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier and head coach Mike McDaniel watch training camp at
Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier and head coach Mike McDaniel watch training camp at / JEFF ROMANCE/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA

The Miami Dolphins will enter the draft with 6 selections to make. It will be the first time in Mike McDaniel's head coaching career with a first-round pick. Miami needs more.

Chris Grier doesn't have a Laremy Tunsil on his roster and to be honest, he doesn't have many players on the roster that he could trade if he wanted to. The Dolphins roster is full of, well, players not really all that enticing for other teams.

Before we jump to the only player the Dolphins could trade, lets look at the players they can't.

  • Tyreek Hill - Off field issues and a large salary that Miami would have to eat.
  • Bradley Chubb - Huge contract and injured.
  • Jaelan Phillips - Injured and will need an extension in another year or a 5th-year option that may not be all that enticing after his Achilles injury.
  • Terron Armstead - You can't trade a guy who is going to retire in the next year or two and has a huge contract.
  • Jalen Ramsey - The best player in the Dolphins' secondary, has a high contract and is toward the end of his career.
  • Austin Jackson - Just signed an extension in the last 8 months.
  • Zach Sieler - has a new contract and Miami wouldn't get much more than a mid-round pick for him because of it.
  • Tua Tagovailoa - Tradable yes and could get the Dolphins multiple draft picks but the Dolphins are not giving up their QB.
  • Jaylen Waddle - Grier has been clear that he will not trade him. He could if a big offer was made but it is highly unlikely.

Believe it or not, when those players are taken out of the picture, there is only one player on the Dolphins roster that would remotely be involved in a trade scenario and it would be shocking if the Dolphins traded him.

Jevon Holland

Holland is in the final year of his contract and that makes trading him a little harder but any team that might have interest in him could make a deal and then have a year to get him extended. Holland is on the verge of being an elite safety and the Dolphins may not be able to or want to give him the money he will likely ask for.

Trading Holland isn't ideal but if we consider what happened with two other players, it might make sense.

Consider this for a moment, Chris Grier might have received a first or second-round pick for Christian Wilkins had he traded him last year. Now, he will hope he lands a 3rd round compensatory pick in 2025. The same could be said about Robert Hunt.

Miami didn't have the forward-thinking to realize that they would likely lose one or both of those players. They lost both to contracts that were incredibly high. Jevon Holland is going to receive a similar contract as a safety.

Will Chris Grier pay him what he wants next offseason or perhaps this offseason? After seeing the frugal nature of Grier and the fact he is dealing with an extension for Tua, Holland may not be a player Grier overpays for.

If Grier truly wants to gain more draft capital, there are players that could bring him something in return.

Trading Holland may only bring the Dolphins a 2nd round pick at best given the fact he will need a new contract. Still, there is at the very least potential for a deal.

Grier has to make a hard decision here. Trade the best safety they have on the roster or pay him as the best safety in the league because it will be pretty close to that. If Grier doesn't want to pay him that high of a contract, then he needs to explore moving him.

Holland is a fantastic safety for the Dolphins but he will not be the difference between the Dolphins going to the playoffs or missing them. He won't be the guy that wins them a playoff game or a Super Bowl. He will be a part of the overall defense and will help but if Grier thinks that letting this play out and getting another 3rd round comp pick in 2026 is the way to go, he is making a mistake.

Pay him, or trade him.