The Miami Dolphins are likely to lose Chris Brooks for the season due to NFL IR rules

The Miami Dolphins have a lot of players on IR right now and they can only activate 8 to return during the course of one season. Who will be brought back will decide which players will not return.
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The Miami Dolphins have two big problems with their roster as it relates to the injured reserve players. The first requires to the Dolphins to make moves on the roster, in other words cuts, to bring a player back to the 53 once they are able to return. The 2nd problem is Miami can only bring back 8 players during the season.

Right now, Miami has 8 players on IR and Jeff Wilson and Robert Jones have both been activated off the IR. They have six moves remaining. Jalen Ramsey will be added as early as this week but more likely next. That leaves 5 more moves to make.

UPDATE: I love being wrong about players! The Miami Dolphins will bring back Cracraft who has started his 21-day window to return from IR this week. Bringing Cracraft back makes a lot of sense as he is a solid possession receiver. An earlier title to this article stated Cracraft but we now know that is not the case. Nothing else in the article has changed.

The current list of Dolphins on IR.

  • De'Von Achane
  • Terron Armstead
  • Chris Brooks
  • River Cracraft
  • Keion Crossen
  • Zeke Vandenburgh
  • Isaiah Wynn
  • Erik Ezukanma - Reserve/non-football injury (he still counts)

This list can't simply be wittled down to zero. The Dolphins have to be smart about the players they bring back to the roster once they have been cleared to return. We can assume that Vandenburgh will not be a player that is brought back.

The Dolphins still have a long season to go and as a result, they may want to keep one spot open or they will need to keep the player off IR and sit them out. The idea of the IR spot is to allow teams to fill the void on the roster until the player is healthy but if they run out of activation options, they have to sit that player on the 53 and take up that roster spot until they are healthy to return.

Looking at the players currently on IR and the five remaining spots, we can see that River Cracraft, Erik Ezukanma, and Chris Brooks are likely out for the year. Why? It's simple math.

Isiah Wynn is needed back at some point unless Miami makes a move for another left guard before the trade deadline. A possible but unlikely scenario.

De'Von Achane and Terron Armstead will both be back after the bye week. Those three including Wynn, leave Miami with only available returns and the season is still young.

In the case of Brooks, the Dolphins don't need another RB once Achane returns as they are getting Jeff Wilson back and have Salvon Ahmed. Miami could keep one opening available in case they need to bring Brooks back later due to injury.

Keion Crossen isn't likely coming back either given the Ramsey return and the depth at the position right now.

Miami could play this in a wait and see manner.

In other news, former Miami Dolphins linebacker Chase Winovich announced on Tuesday that he is retiring from the NFL after five seasons. He was released last week by the Dolphins.