The Miami Dolphins may have no choice but to draft one of these three positions early

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
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If the Dolphins offense is going to get better, they need more playmakers.

Wide Receiver

This draft is deep with talent at the wide receiver position and the Dolphins should be in a great spot at 21 to draft a top prospect. With Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill on the roster, the Dolphins' main problem is the fact they have no third WR.

So far the Dolphins' solution has been to re-sign Braxton Berrios and River Cracraft. Quality depth players for sure but Miami failed with Cedrick Wilson, Jr. and don't have a proven player on the roster to fill that hole.

The Dolphins looking at WR shouldn't be a surprise but are there bigger needs for Chris Grier? Will he pay another WR? Miami has to know that Tyreek Hill is on a one or two-year plan at this point so getting a prospect to replace him makes sense.