The Miami Dolphins offensive line has silenced critics for another week

On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins got a huge opening season victory and their offensive line was a big reason why that happened.
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins offensive line remains part of the team that bares the weight of a lot of questions. On Sunday, the unit tried to answer some of those and they did an a resounding way.

For the better part of a year, Miami fans have been critical of the offensive line. Myself included. As I said in the week leading up to the opening game in L.A. the Dolphins biggest weakness was none other than the line on the offensive side of the ball.

Austin Jackson was coming off an injury that sidelined him most of 2022. Liam Eichenberg has struggled to say the least. In fact his struggles are the most consistent part of the game. At left tackle, Terron Armstead was out before the flight to L.A.

On Sunday, Jackson started and Kendall Lamm started for Armstead. Isaiah Wynn got the late start nod in place of Eichenberg. All of it added up to confusion and a big sigh of relief.

Miami's line was nearly perfect. They gave up some yardage, allowed some pressure, and the running game was once again, not as proficient as it needs to be but overall, Tua and his quick release had time to get the ball out. The pocket collapses were not a problem and Tua was able to slide out when he needed.

On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins offensive line game up no sacks to the Chargers. Not a single one to Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack the two stalward DEs that everyone raves about. They were supposed to be the biggest problem for the Miami Dolphins. I know because I said as much.

I spent a week talking about how the Dolphins needed to play perfectly against the Chargers top DEs and I won't hide it, I didn't think they could. I expected a close game but I also believed that LA was just too much for Miami's questionable line.

That, wasn't the case and in the process, Miami may have found the right left guard to play next to Armstead. They have a reliable and obviously capable backup in Lamm and Jackson, though not perfect held his own.

Surprisingly the biggest problem wasn't with blocking it was with Connor Williams who told the media that his problems with the snaps was "first game jitters." One? Maybe. Two? Ok. Three? It's a problem. Two on the first drive? Completely unacceptable.

Williams has had these problems since he arrived in Miami and was switched to center from guard. Maybe the Dolphins should move him back to guard. Then again, with the way Wynn played on Sunday, just leave the line alone for a while and see what develops.

On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins offensive line didn't suck. Far, far from it.