The Miami Dolphins should trade their first-round draft pick again this year

The Miami Dolphins have a first round pick this year and if they were smart, they might start looking at tradeable assets and get something they can use now rather than later.
Minnesota Vikings v Carolina Panthers
Minnesota Vikings v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

At the rate the 2023 NFL season is going for the Miami Dolphins, this year's first-round pick could come between selection number 28 and 32, and if the Dolphins beat the Eagles and Patriots before the calendar turns to November, they may want to make some phone calls.

Miami could hit the end of the month with a 7-1 record. Beating the Eagles will be a good test for both sides of the ball or it could show Chris Grier where his problems lie.

The Dolphins expect to be players in the postseason this year and they do not expect to be a one-and-done team. If they succeed, a late first round pick may serve the team better in a trade.

The Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, and several other 1 and 2-win teams are looking to move players to continue their rebuilds and Miami could help make that happen should they want to move a top player that might be coming up on free agency or has a contract they no longer want to carry.

The downside is that Miami doesn't have the cap space to absorb a lot of money in a deal and they don't have a secure cap future beyond this season without making some big cuts to the roster.

Still, if the Dolphins could land a young cornerback, say Patrick Surtain, II it would allow them to potentially move on from Xavien Howard this off-season. Adding a quality linebacker gives them more options with Jerome Baker.

There isn't a lot that the Dolphins really need right now. They are set at RB, WR, QB, DT, and S but we all know things can happen and change.

With the NFL trade deadline two weeks away, the Dolphins should be looking to upgrade their roster and the possibility of flipping a late first-round pick for a player that can make an impact with this year's team will be hard to pass up if the right player falls in their laps.