The Miami Dolphins' Sunday game against the New York Jets is a must-win to regain confidence

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins better have a plan if Tyreek Hill can't go the whole game or can't even play.

I expect Tyreek Hill to play on Sunday. He said that he would be alright when asked about his ankle injury and Mike McDaniel said he is day to day with it.

But I can see McDaniel holding Hill out if he thinks the team can beat the Jets without him, which they should. Or, I can see Hill playing but only playing half of the snaps.

Either way, a plan of attack for when Tyreek Hill isn't in the game for more than a series needs to be formulated.

We saw how inept and discombobulated the Dolphin's offense was when Hill went out against the Titans. It was tough to wash and it's even tougher to explain to people that the entire offense doesn't go through Hill. It clearly does and that isn't great.

Hill is great and changes how a defense plays the Dolphins. That's good. What isn't good is that when he's not out there whole offense falls apart.

Actually scheming up plays that go to Jaylen Waddle that don't end with him getting obliterated over the middle might be something to look into.

Running the ball more with Mostert, Achane, and even Jeff Wilson Jr. also is a pretty obvious thing to do if Hill is out.

Reverses, sweeps, and end-around, to Waddle and Achane, seem to work well so how about a few more of those?

Controlling the clock is something I think will be sneaky important in this game. Keeping the ball on the ground will naturally keep time on their side.