The Miami Dolphins will be playing the ultimate road game against the Kansas City Chiefs

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

We're one day away from the official NFL schedule release, which is on par in popularity with any sporting event minus the Super Bowl, and you're starting to see some OFFICIAL leaks.

In the grand scheme of the NFL to become a world power, they feel the need to have a game in Germany, you know a place that just can't get enough American football. Wake me up when they play a game in Antarctica.

This is actually good news for the Miami Dolphins and big win for them for earning a high grade on their NFL Schedule Release, which I'll be covering tomorrow night. Miami playing the Chiefs in Germany is going to count as a road game meaning the gives the Dolphins 9 home games, 7 road games and this one neutral game. I'll take that every year if possible.

But as a fan, I and everyone else wanted to see Tyreek Hill enter Arrowhead Stadium as a visitor for the first time. Tyreek has been talking about since the season started about he was going to put on a show for his former colleagues. L'Jarious Sneed even got in the mud a little bit just yesterday about having Tyreek back in Kansaa City.

Now, we won't have that type interaction. Oh well. Honestly, as fun as that is, I'm glad the Dolphins will have 9 home games comapred to having 7 real road games. That bodes well for a team that was much better at home last year than away.

I wonder what kind of video packages they will have for this game when the teams get there. Not sure how they're not going to have something with players wearing lederhosens while they watch Sprockets. That can't miss.

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