The Miami Dolphins will win games and also make mistakes…deal with it

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

I understand that we all have lofty expectations for the Miami Dolphins right now. They just broke the Greatest Show on Turf's record for most yards to start a season and we're all having visions of deep playoff runs dancing in our heads.

This means when we see the Miami Dolphins have s few issues with a New York Giants team is that really bad, we start to get all high and mighty and begin to say stuff like "They can't be doing that because if they do it against a bad team like the Giant they'll do it against good teams down the road" or something like that.

Folks we need to get a grip and understand that the perfect game, in football, doesn't exist. Go back and look at any Super Bowl winning team's box score even against inferior competition. You're going to see games where they only win by 14 or even seven. You don't think fans of the Patriots, Chiefs, Steelers, or whoever didn't go back to their fellow fans and be like "I don't know how this team figured to play well late in the year" and nonsense like that?

Players drop balls, throw INTs, call the wrong plays, miss blocks, overrun QBs, and miss tackles every, etc etc single game even during games where the team they play for is much better than the other team.

This isn't to say that I'm all for making mistakes and not giving a rip about them. I'm saying that in every win a team has in every sport in every game ever, the winning team has "Stuff they have to clean up." Every coach says it after every win and every player knows they're going to be told about all the things they need to get better at in wins, especially in games against teams they're, clearly, better than.

Today, the Miami Dolphins were in control for 100% of the game. There was never a moment where you, realistically, needed to be worried. Was there an argument to be made at halftime when the Dolphins were only up seven that you could say that if a few more blunders were made by Miami the Giants could capitalize on them? Sure. But you can say that every game the Dolphins have a lead on anybody. Tipped balls, weird catches, strip-sack-fumbles can happen and flip the game.

But the good teams recognize this and handle their business. That's what the Miami Dolphins did and they went out and Tua hit Tyreek Hill for a 69(nice( yard TD to open the second half.

I just saw to many folks today getting all up in arms about how Giants sort of hung around today. I think the Giants had only three real points on offense. They had the pick-six and another three of on the other INT. Like, what are we talking about here? The Dolphins TCB'd(took care of business) all game.

I guess my overall point is how nice is it that as Miami Dolphins fans that worrying about the little things such as not crushing an opponent enough is, currently, the Dolphins only issue.

I realize what happened last week and I know Miami has another bad team next week in Carolina. The game against the Eagles on Sunday night is the next real measuring stick game coming up in two weeks. Let McDaniel and the Dolphins deal with fixing the little gaffes that happened this week and enjoy the fact that we're getting upset about little details and that we have a team that is 4-1 and a top if the AFC East and right up there in terms of #1 team in the AFC.

Or, go ahead and make a big deal about stuff. I would never want to get in the way of pessimism.

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