The Miami Dolphins win an extremely sloppy game against the Raiders

I'm glad that the Miami Dolphins won but they won an extremely sloppy game.
Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins
Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins / Bryan Cereijo/GettyImages

Kudos to the Miami Dolphins for winning a mid-November game against an AFC opponent but man alive was this an extremely sloppy undisciplined game.

I'm not surprised that the Miami Dolphins didn't win as much as the oddsmakers predicted them to win. What I am surprised about is how unfocused and non-detail-oriented the entire team including coaches were when it came to execution. Simply put; if the Miami Dolphins played a team with a competent QB, they probably lose.

You can't have three turnovers, one of them right before the half and one of them coming on the first play of the second half when it appeared that Tua and Waddle were not on the same page. You can't have a missed FG just because it's from 50 yards plus. You can't run that terrible screen to Tyreek Hill on 4th and 1. You can't run a play with 5 seconds left in the first half from your own 25 and then have Tua take a shot.

You can't have a backward pass by the Raiders and not one, not two, but three Dolphins just standing there not picking the ball up. You can't have the ball and need one more first down to ice the game and not be able to deliver. You can't keep forcing the ball to Hill all game. You can't consistently not run the ball on 3rd and one.

These can't happen against the good teams especially when you're fresh off a bye.. Yes, the Miami Dolphins not being able to beat the good teams is going to continue because they beat the Las Vegas Raiders. It's not Miami's fault that their schedule is the way it is. Have to wait until Dallas to start changing that narrative.

But hey, the Miami Dolphins won another game, and winning is good no matter how it happens. This isn't the BCS where style matters towards things.

Also, I'm officially good with the trade the Miami Dolphins made when they sent Hunter Long away for Jalen Ramsey. I'd say the Dolphins won that trade, so far.

Next week, Miami has the Jets in the first ever black Friday game. I'll be in attendance so I'm expecting the Dolphins to do their best. I think they may need their best because if you play like this on the road against any opponent, you lose those games.

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