The NFL should have a "catastrophic injury" clause to the salary cap structure

As NFL salaries continue to skyrocket, injuries to players are a part of the NFL landscape and it leaves teams with little or nothing to do about them.

Feb 12, 2023; Glendale, Arizona, USA;The NFL shield and Kansas City Chiefs logos on the field at
Feb 12, 2023; Glendale, Arizona, USA;The NFL shield and Kansas City Chiefs logos on the field at / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is a huge business that ultimately relies on players being on the field as healthy as possible. That isn't always the case and as football fans know, teams are only as good as the next guy in line.

Across the NFL landscape, injuries will pile up and some of them will be what is considered "catastrophic". In football terms, that is any injury that puts a career in jeopardy or at the very absolute least, a full season.

The NFL doesn't have any financial language in the CBA that allows teams to recoup salary cap space in the event of a major injury but is it time for the NFL to add that language and give teams a financial cushion?

Many will say no that it makes no sense to give a team cap relief should they lose a player to injury because that is part of the game. A player goes on IR, a roster spot comes open, a team adds a replacement. Done. But in many cases, teams who are close to the salary cap max then have to get creative and in some cases that could cost someone else a roster spot.

What the NFL should consider is giving a team a one-season cap break should they lose a player to a season long injury. Not the full salary but maybe a quarter or half of that salary. Not taking away from the player but simply adding that cap space to the team so they can replace that player easier.

Yes, I know that some, Bill Belichick comes to mind, would find a way to circumvent that rule and put players on IR that normally wouldn't be on it. The NFL would have to look at the players injury and situation and that player absolutely can not play the rest of the season.

It would be a small break for some teams but it would be a break nonetheless.

While the NFL is at it, they could make the 3rd quarterback spot a non-53 designated position. The 3rd QB dresses for the game without taking an active spot like they currently are allowed to do but the NFL should be encouraging teams to carry 3 QBs on their rosters and a 3rd QB should be mandatory for every team without the penalty of the roster spot costing another player their job.

Just some thoughts as we wait out the Jalen Ramsey injury news.