The only positions Miami Dolphins should consider at pick 51 and 84

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The Miami Dolphins do not have a day one NFL Draft pick but they have two on day two. With fewer needs than in year's past, the Dolphins need to hit on these selections.

Should the Dolphins approach this year's draft as a best player available at a positon of need or best player available regardless of what position they play? That's always hard to decide because the last thing you want to do is draft a guy that has no chance of starting. For example, would you draft the best quarterback available if you already have a quarterback? What about drafting a top safety prospect when you already have two?

Reality is a tough pill to swallow most of the time. We look at players and we fall in love with what they did in college and we think they can translate to the NFL in the same way but situation is just as important.

In this years draft, the Dolphins need to hit as best as possible and if I am drafting, there are only a handful of positions that I am looking at on day two, unless for some reason or another a player that blew me away falls into my lap.

The first acceptable position the Miami Dolphins should consider on day two is the obvious one. Tight end.

The Miami Dolphins are probably the most likely team to draft a tight end in round two or three and that is more than just expected. It is a glaring weakness on the offense. Miami fans can't expect some flashy pass-catcher like Mike Gesicki was. This is a completely different offense and we saw that last year as Gesicki's production dropped considerably.

Miami is a favorite to land Sam LaPorta out of Iowa but there are others. The need at TE could also lead the Dolphins to draft two this year. That may seem like overkill but if the Dolphins see a TE in the 7th round, they very well could look adding him too.

Will Miami draft a TE at 51? While it is highly likely, they could go in another direction as well, or two of them.