The only positions Miami Dolphins should consider at pick 51 and 84

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The Miami Dolphins don't need to draft a defensive lineman but they can't rule that position out on day two of he NFL Draft.

Christian Wilkins' status with the Dolphins is unclear after this season. Miami is talking with Wilkins' agents about a contract extension but after 2023, if a deal isn't done, he is either franchised or is allowed to walk into free agency.

So why is drafting a defensive lineman acceptable this year, especially if a deal with Wilkins is done? Next year both Raekwon Davis and Zach Sieler will both be free agents as well. It would be smart to get one of those two and Wilkins under contract before that happens and there is time but not all three are coming back.

If a defensive tackle falls into round two that Miami likes and fits their scheme, he can't be ruled out. The Dolphins can not afford to go into the 2024 draft with a glaring hole at defensive tackle. It would take away a lot of their other options. Miami will not have a third round pick next year as well so that class is going to be thinner again.

Ideally, Miami would get Wilkins and one of the others extended soon and that would eliminate the need for drafting a DT but until that happens, it remains a need, if only a small one currently.