The three players the Miami Dolphins need to game plan for against the Cowboys

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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While the Miami Dolphins know the Cowboys' defense is good, their own defense needs to make plays.

NOTE: Tyrron Smith is now listed as doubtful for the game on Sunday with a back injury. The Friday report came out after this was written and posted.

Tyron Smith is a solid left tackle that will be challenged by Bradly Chubb this week. Chubb is coming off a Defensive Player of the Week award but we know that means nothing, ask Zach Wilson.

Chubb has been on fire the last four games and this week he needs to remain lit. Getting the pressure we talked about on Prescott is important and while Prescott is a big QB and can move, he isn't quick on his feet. Prescott has more physical strength than fleet-footed quickness and that means pressure can create sacks.

Smith is going to have a big responsibility on Sunday and Miami needs to find a way to get Chubb upfield quickly and into the pocket. If that means shifting the line to the left so Chubb can attack the middle, they need to do it.

The offensive line of the Cowboys has been very good and while they imploded last week in Buffalo, they are still a force in the trench. Miami has to challenge them every play and wear them down physically as well.

It is going to start on the left side and take away lanes for the Cowboys running game. Chubb has to to force the plays back inside and Tyron Smith will be trying to take him out of the plays. It should be a very good chess match.