The top 2 potential FAs at every position of need for the Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins won't have a lot of money to spend heading into free agency but we know they can create whatever they want.
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The Miami Dolphins are in the middle of a defensive coordinator coaching search but they are also figuring out their own roster ahead of the 2024 start to free agency.

We know that Christian Wilkins is the big-name in-house free agent, followed by Robert Hunt, Connor Williams, and Andrew Van Ginkel. The Dolphins will either solve a couple of needs by re-signing some of their in-house FAs or turn to the market.

The Dolphins are expected to have needs at guard, tackle, and center as well as WR on offense. They also will need to figure out LB, CB, and defensive tackle. On the edge, it's a little tougher. With Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillps starting the season on IR or PuP Miami can't afford to throw big money at an edge-rusher in free agency, unless...

There is no bigger name on the FA market this year than Chiefs start DT, Chris Jones. Jones is going to get a massive contract in 2024.

Why Chris Jones could be the target the Dolphins need in 2024.

Before we jump into the top players at each position, Chris Jones is a guy to watch. First, he is the best DT in the NFL right now. Yes, better than Christian Wilkins. Where he benefits the Dolphins is that he can line up outside on the edge and that could give the Dolphins the edge-rusher they need until they get their two guys back.

Jones can slide inside and easily replace Wilkins should the Dolphins not re-sign him. The chances of Jones being a target for the Dolphins is pretty slim. Miami would have to be pretty creative with a contract to make it work and Jones is going to chase the money, he already has the Super Bowl rings.

Here is a look at the other positions of need for the Dolphins in terms of the top FAs at those positions.